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Published on: July 24, 2020
2 years ago - 3 mins read

Binance Referral code

Binance Futures Referral Code

Use the binance referral code '100eyes' to get 10% discount on all your futures trading fees. Or click the following binance referral link to be redirected to the futures page automatically:

Even if you already have a Binance account, you can STILL use the referral code to get discount on your fees, as Binance is seeing this as a separate part of your account! For more info see 'How do I open a Binance Futures account'

Regular Binance Referral Code

For the maximum 20% discount on your regular (spot) trading fees use the binance referral code LKCUG1AT which you can fill in the 'Referral ID (optional)' field. You can also just click on this link directly

More Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1. First, log-in on Binance with your regular account. Then, click the Futures button on the header

Step 2. Afterwards, when the futures trading environment is opened, fill in the code '100eyes' on the bottom right screen that says "Open Futures Account".

Step 3. Profit! You now receive 10% discount on all your binance futures trading.

-- or --

Step 1. First, log-in on Binance with your regular account. Then, hover over the wallet area in the header. In the submenu that pops up, click on the 'Futures wallet' button.

Step 2. This will open the screen saying "Open Futures Account". In here, fill in the code '100eyes' at the futures referral code field.

Step 3. Profit! You now receive 10% discount on all your binance futures trading.

First let’s distinguish here between the several parties. When we use ‘referred person’ we mean the person who got referred. This is the person using the referral code to sign up and start trading on Binance. Then, if we use the word ‘referrer’ we mean the person who generated a binance referral code.

In the old program the referred person would always get nothing, and the full benefit of 20% would go to the referrer. However, the referrer had one nice extra opportunity. As long as they hold 500 BNB in their account, they would get a double referral bonus, and even receive 40% of the trading fees!

In the new program, something really important changed. This time, the referrer has the opportunity to choose to share part of their income with the referred person! They could choose to share either 0% (like the old program), 5%, 10%, 15%, or even the full 20% with the referred person. But since there is no advantage for the referrer to simply give the entirety of the 20% back to the referred person, almost nobody creates such high referral links.

Also, in order to be eligible to create kickback values of over 10%, you need to satisfy an extra condition, which is holding 500 BNB permanently! Binance is being really smart here again, artificially increasing the demand for BNB again. Not many people have the luxury to just simply hold 500 BNB forever though, which is another reason why you see referral links of over 10% very rarely.

That’s why we at 100eyes decided to step up and create this rare 20% discount binance referral link and reward our users with the maximum possible discount! We created a dedicated referral account that always has more than 500 BNB on it so you are guaranteed the maximum referral discount. Simply use code LKCUG1AT which you can fill in the 'Referral ID (optional)' field or click directly on

Another lesser known part to the referral program is the affiliate program. Though only available for really big crypto influencers, this gives the opportunity to get rewarded with a total of 50% referral income! How lucky are those people! This is only available if you have a crypto news site for instance or an incredibly large follower base on social media. Their extra benefit is that the BNB holding restriction is waived for those people.

Let’s do some calculations. The regular Binance fee is 0.1%. However, with the Binance BNB discount you get another 25% discount. This means you only pay a 0.075% fee per trade. Then, if we also take into consideration the maximum referral kickback of 20%, there is only 0.06% remaining.

This means that if you have $1.000 and you trade one time back and forth buying BTC, and selling it for a 5% profit you will have to pay Binance $1,000*0.06% + $1,050*0.06% = $0.12. Twelve cents!? Not too bad right!

The more you trade however, the more discount you can get. Crypto whales with more than 150,000 BTC monthly volume only pay 0.0120%! That’s just one fifth of what the regular trader needs to pay. It doesn’t sound like much but it still means they would be paying more than 150k USD per month in fees. Not bad Binance... not bad.

If you want more info on the fee schedule, you can take a look here:

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