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Stop spending hours of your time searching for good entries. Make your crypto trading easier by using the 100eyes crypto scanner. Receive the most powerful crypto alerts including RSI divergences and Fibonacci retracements.


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This essentially saves you a lot of time because you never have to monitor the charts manually again. Capitalizing on these divergences have made it stupidly easy for me to make profits every day.

Price_Steven, 4th of February 2020

Ever since I started using 100eyes, I have gained a lot of time. I love the horizontal support, Bullish Divergences and fib. 0.618 signals the most. A combination of 2 or more crypto alerts are good for the bigger gains so I am a big fan of 100eyes.

Johanna, 27th of January 2020

Two months ago I was about to pay a lot of money to build my own bot finding divergences and reminding me about possible good entries, but somehow I found this tool which gives me a great opportunities for which I am very thankful. Really nice and useful tool for traders.

That fast guy, 3rd of December 2019

Alright! Keep up the good work. Last thing: it’s funny that your simple tool is worth more than all those paid groups, while costing way less and can bring your more money haha! Take care.

M W 7, 7th of September 2019

I'm especially interested in divergences and horizontal support and resistances. It's amazing that you don't have to check every single chart every day :D Finally something that can save you some time.

Mike, 28th of August 2019

Good trading opportunities just fall right onto my lap with the alerts of the 100eyes crypto scanner. I get notified when my favorite indicators (and there are many available!) show a nice trade entry. Trading was never this easy and it saves me lots of time. Hello profit. Bye bye looking-at-charts-all-the-time.

Mark, 5th of May 2019

For Crypto Traders

A tool made with passion, focusing on crypto alerts that are high quality & timely

Crypto coins

Choose your own crypto coins

You can get alerts for 120 cryptocurrencies. By default we use a volume filter so you won’t get alerts for coins with low volume. It's also possible to make your own crypto coin list!

Custom timeframes

Choose your own timeframes

For every crypto alert you can choose the timeframes separately. We support the timeframes 5m, 15m, 1h, 2h, 4h, Daily and Weekly!

Custom crypto indicators

Choose your own crypto indicators

All popular crypto indicators are available. RSI (including divergences), MACD, Bollinger Bands, Stoch RSI, Stochastics, Fibonacci, and more. This crypto scanner also recognizes candlestick patterns!

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