Worlds most advanced Crypto and Forex Scanner

Stop spending hours of your time searching for good entries. The 100eyes scanner fully automatically sends alerts when it spots interesting trading opportunities. The scanner is fully customizable and is able to identify support and resistance zones, Fibonacci retracements, RSI divergences, and much more.

Crypto Scanner

The 100eyes Crypto Scanner fully automatically sends alerts for your favourite cryptocurrencies based on technical analysis. The scanner supports all Binance pairs and can also be used while trading on other exchanges. Choose your own indicators, timeframes, and pairs!

Forex Scanner

The 100eyes Forex Scanner fully automatically sends alerts for your favourite currency pairs, Gold, Silver, and commodities. Make sure you never miss an opportunity for EUR/GBP, GBP/EUR, USD/JPY or any other major pair. Choose your own indicators, timeframes, and pairs!

How The Scanner Works

The fully customizable scanner is constantly scanning the market, looking for interesting opportunities such as RSI Divergences, Horizontal Support or Resistance zones, or Fibonacci Retracements. The scanner also supports alerts for other technical indicators like MACD, Bollinger Bands, EMA’s, and Stochastics. As soon as the scanner spots something you immediately receive an alert on Telegram. The scanner is fully customizable to your own wishes!

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Our famous monthly reports on the performance of the crypto market can be found here. Occasionally we also write other useful articles, for example on how you can get an extra permanent 20% discount on your Binance fees.

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21 Jun 2020


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20% Extra Discount on Binance Fees

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