February 2019 - Not Very Spectacular

Last updated: 2 weeks ago
3 mins read


As always, when a month has come to an end, we look back on it and analyse what happened. We use our own simulation software and buy all altcoins on Binance and sell them exactly one month later. Just like December and January, February was not a very spectacular month, although on average altcoins outperformed Bitcoin by 6.9%. Bitcoin was outperformed by 55% of altcoins. Excessive gainers were $ENJ, $THETA, and $RCN. Due to delisting from Binance $CLOAK, $SALT, $MOD, $SUB, and $WINGS dropped 30-60%!

Besides these market updates, we also provide a crypto scanner. This will provide you with automated alerts any time something happens. We can even send automated charts for complicated alerts such as RSI Divergences or Fibonacci retracements, a big improvement over standard RSI scanners.

This was only the third blog of our new monthly tradition. We would be really happy to hear your opinion! If you want to share your thoughts, or are interested in the complete dataset, just drop us a line on our twitter account

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