June 2019 - Bitcoin outperforms altcoins in June yet again!

Last updated: 2 weeks ago
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Bitcoin outperforms altcoins in June yet again!

June 2019 has come to an end. Like each month we take a moment to look back and analyze what happened with Bitcoin and the altcoin market. April and May have been two very bad months for altcoins, but June was not better. BTC went up 33% and outperformed 94% of all altcoins. BTC pairs went down 30% on average!

In USD value altcoins went down 4% on average. $LINK and $TNT continued their noticeable gain and went up 260% and 97% respectively. Biggest losers were $AGI, $VIBE, $WTC, $GTO, and $AION. Let’s see if Bitcoin will finally slow down in July.

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