July 2019 - Bitcoin slowed down in July, altcoins lost value regardless.

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Bitcoin slowed down in July, altcoins lost value regardless.

July 2019 has come to an end. Each month we use our simulation software to analyze what happened in the past month. We look at Bitcoin’s performance as well as the altcoin market. April, May, and June have been brutal for altcoins as Bitcoin performed extremely well. In July however, Bitcoin slowed down quite a bit and went down 11.30%. Everyone was hoping altcoins could benefit from that, but that didn’t happen at all. Of the 120 altcoins we looked at 95% performed even worse than Bitcoin in July. The average decline was 18.36%.

$WTC, $PPT, and BXQ performed relatively well and went up 42.23%, 36.03%, and 33.09% respectively. Biggest losers in July were OAX (-38.91%), NCASH (-37.51%), FUEL (-35.94%). July has been the fourth consecutive month in which altcoins lost value. Let’s hope altcoins will recover in August!

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