September 2019 - Moving on from the 6th consecutive negative month

Last updated: 2 weeks ago
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Moving on from the 6th consecutive negative month

September 2019 has come to an end. Like each month, we analyze how the crypto market performed in the past month. First of all, Bitcoin’s price went down for the third month in a row. This time reaching a drop of 16.78%. Unfortunately, altcoins didn't perform much better. September is the sixth consecutive month in which altcoins went down, 11.73% on average per altcoin.

Noticeable gainers were $RCN (+116.79%), $MDA (+79.56%), $FUEL (+41.78%), $VIBE (+38.18%), and $FUN (+36.71%). Biggest losers this month were $PIVX (-41.39%), $WAN (-46.68%), $MTH (-46.95%), $GXS (-47.14%), and $QKC (-65.67%).

When we look at other important factors that describe the overall crypto market, we can consider the BTC Dominance and the total market cap. The BTC Dominance declined by 2%, reaching levels of 67.70%, caused by altcoins slightly outperforming Bitcoin. The total market cap went down with 11%, hitting a long time trend line support with a starting point from 2015. Hopefully the crypto market will react positively to it in October!

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