Crypto Market Performance – April 2020

Last updated: 2 weeks ago
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April 2020 – Magical Recovery After a Historical Crash

April 2020 has come to an end. Like each month, our team analyses what happened to Bitcoin and the altcoin market. In March we have seen a historical crash in all markets due to the COVID-19 virus. Where are we today?

Bitcoin gained 36% this month and is now trading at a higher price than before the crash. Altcoin recovered strongly in USD value as well and gained 25.35% on average. Altcoins are almost back at pre-crash levels. Who would have thought that the crypto market would bounce back so strongly.

The top 5 performers in April were $BAND (+255.82%) , $LEND (+112.73%), $ERD (+92.68%), $DATA (+86.56%), and $SNGLS (+74.63%). Biggest losers were $OST (-8.55%), $WPR (-8.83%), $HOT (-9.33%), $COCOS (-18.40%), and $STPT (-24.28%).

In the following chart you can see how April compared to the last twelve months of altcoin performance.

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