Crypto Market Update - September 2020

Last updated: 2 weeks ago
3 mins read

September 2020 – We all knew this was coming...

September 2020 has come to an end, and like each month the 100eyes team analyses what happened to Bitcoin and altcoins. As you read in our previous two monthly reports, July and August were fantastic for both Bitcoin and the altcoin market.

Unfortunately, it had to end in September… In September Bitcoin went down almost 8%, and altcoins went down -31.7% on average in dollar value. This is a quite severe correction. In total only 3.1% of altcoins gained in dollar value, 96.9% went down.

In the following chart you can see how September compared to the last twelve months of altcoin performance.

The top 5 performers in September were $THETA (+48.93%), $BNB (+26.45%), $DREP (+23.94%), $XMR (+11.90%), and $TOMO (+8.67%). Biggest losers were $DUSK (-53.17%), $POA (-54.34%), $COTI (-55.08%), $OAX (-60.42%), and $TCT (-64.04%).

Hopefully we will still be calling this a retracement instead of a reversal by the end of next month!

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